Agile methods are in great demand – here is an opportunity to learn what it’s about! 


You are familiar with the concepts of traditional project management and may have used the concepts to manage multiple projects. For projects in which the requirements are continuously changing, you may need a more proactive project management approach; Agile!

Date:Offered on demand
Class Hours:8:00am-4:30pm
Cost:$199Lunch is included in the course fee.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • describe Agile project management.
  • describe the Scrum methodology used to manage a project.
  • manage projects using the Scrum methodology.
  • understand the critical success factors to implement Agile.


  • This course is intended for Project Managers, Program Managers, or anyone who wants to efficiently manage projects that experience frequent changes in user requirements. It is ideal for those who would like an introduction to Agile methods (esp. Scrum), learn the pros/cons, and understand the steps necessary to manage an Agile project. For those already managing Agile/Scrum projects it may be too high-level.


Lesson 1: Getting Started with Agile Project Management

  • Overview of Agile
  • Describe the Values of Agile
  • Describe the Principles of Agile
  • Identify Methodologies of Agile

Lesson 2: Using the Scrum Methodology

  • Identify Roles and Responsibilities in Scrum
  • Implement the Scrum Process

Lesson 3: Managing Projects with the Scrum Methodology

  • Estimating a Scrum Project
  • Track Scrum Projects
  • Communication in Scrum Projects
  • Best Practices to Manage Scrum

Lesson 4: Understanding Critical Success Factors to Implement Agile

  • List Risks in Agile Projects
  • Myths About Agile
  • List the Challenges in Agile
  • List the Benefits of Agile


“I found the course to be an extremely valuable investment of my time. The course far exceeded my expectations. Materials were very well done, the course was presented professionally, and I found the interaction with other experienced project managers to be exceptionally valuable.” – Doug Charlton, DH Charlton Associates

“The course exceeded my expectations. Suzy did a great job.” – Joyce H.

“The instructor Suzanne Ahrens has lot of energy and enthusiam to teach this new approach to project management and did a commendable job!.” – Naveen M.

“Suzanne did a fantastic job covering the material and including real life examples.” – Sherry M.

“Loved the class! Exceeded expections!” – Susan M.